Online-трансляции научных мероприятий

C каждым годом онлайн-трансляция и видеоконференция набирают все большую популярность. Если раньше, за редким исключением, их применяли в судопроизводстве, медицине и при переговорах первых лиц, то сегодня видеокоммуникации интегрированы, практически, во все сферы жизни. Сегодня они успешно применяются  в освещении и проведении научных мероприятий, благодаря способности расширения коммуникативных возможностей. Видеоконференцсвязь помогает экспертам/ученым выступать со своими докладами из любой точки мира, а онлайн-трансляции значительно расширяют аудиторию мероприятия.

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Зарубежные конференции


Dear Colleagues,
We have extended the deadline for abstract submission to March 11, 2019.
The online abstract submission system for XXXIV ICPIG & ICRP-10 is open on the website at
Please refer the abstract template at
For further information, please visit our website:
The information for financial support is available at
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Sapporo.
Best regards,
Koichi Sasaki, Hokkaido University
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

7th International Conference on Earth Science

7th International Conference on Earth Science, Climate Change & Space Technology May 22-23, 2019 Rome, Italy

2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry

2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry to be held in London, UK March 20-21, 2019.
Kindly we request you to submit your abstract at web site

7th World Congress on Earth Science

7th World Congress on Earth Science, Climate Change & Space Technology will, May 22-23, 2019 Rome, Italy.
The theme of this conference is "New Revolution & Technology in Earth Science & Space Technology".
Leading world Researchers, Scientists, Academic scientists, Society & lab researchers, Scholars, Decision makers and other professionals gathering in Rome to speak at Earth Science 2019.
For more behind interest, please visit:
web site Earth Science 2019
Ellen Holcomb  
Senior Program Director
Earth Science 2019
Tel: +1-800-086-8979
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ISPC 24, Naples (Italy), June 9-14, 2019

24th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 24) Naples (Italy), June 9-14, 2019

Dear Colleague,on behalf of the Board of Directors of the International Plasma Chemistry Society (Site)
Naples, a city of wonders full of culture and history, is home to 1 million inhabitants and is the most important center of the South of Italy. The conference venue, the Conference Center Terminal, is located on the Naples waterfront district.
The ISPC has a long history dating back to 1973 in Kiel, Germany for ISPC1 and three previous stops in Italy: ISPC2 in Rome (1975), ISPC9 in Pugnochiuso (1989) and ISPC16 in Taormina (2003). Over the years, the ISPC has welcomed scientists and engineers from all around the world to share their knowledge and new findings in the areas of plasma science and engineering, and to recognize emerging and long-standing achievers. As Chair and Co-Chairs of ISPC24, we promise the 2019 edition will be memorable for the quality of the technical program, opportunities to meet and discuss, and for an unforgettable city!

Deadline to submit your abstract (oral and poster): December 14, 2018
Deadline for very early registration: December 14, 2018
Please visit the
website  information on the Symposium.
Vittorio Colombo, Chair Research Group for Industrial Applications of Plasmas

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